Where can you use BNB – Binance Coin

Binance Coin (BNB) is rising to popularity and naturally, there are lots of more places where you can spend and buy it. The amount of different use cases for BNB is growing. 

Binance Exchange

For those who are still unfamiliar Binance is one top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and if you ask my biased opinion it is the best crypto exchange in the world. Because since day one they worked hard to create an exchange that would serve the people and cryptocurrency space in the best possible way. And their BNB token from day one till today is useful and has a real and practical use case.

Today Binance is not an Exchange anymore they have different platforms and divisions they are working on. Always innovating, always moving. 

Binance divisions

They currently have – Exchange, Academy, Info, Labs, Launchpad, Trust Wallet and one the most recent one Charity Foundation.


Let us start where you can get those sweet BNB coins.  Of course, there are lots of different exchanges but of course the best way is to use officially recognized ones by Binance itself.

Places where you can get BNB coins
  • Binance.com – The best platform to trade cryptos
  • InvestFeed – Buy BNB on InvestFeed the epicenter for all things cryptocurrency
  • Kyber Network – Enabling decentralized token swap everywhere
  • Zelaa – buy BNB at ATMs
  • Dether – buy BNB with cash
  • Eidoo – buy BNB on App
  • Coinbates – get BNB rebates when shopping

Store BNB 

Once you have acquired the BNB you will need a place to keep them. Of course, you can store them on Binance exchange itself, but there are lots other different options to choose from.

Options for storing BNB tokens

#USEBNB – Use Binance coin

And the most interesting part spending BNB. Well for me the best option is just HODL BNB coins, because it is almost sure the price will go up for the coin in near future. But to create a greater crypto currency adoption you have to spend a few coins to make it popular among the people.

And here we have quite a few options where you can spend your BNB coins.

Spend your BNB coins

Lets start with payment options:

Travel and Utility options for BNB tokens:

And finally the best part Entertainment:

BNB Payment demonstration


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