Kalkulus Whitepaper The Trailer

Kalkulus just recently released the Whitepaper. To celebrate it I created this movie like Kalkulus Whitepaper Trailer.

Read it on kalkulus.trade

From the official announcement tweet:
We are so grateful to release the first version of Kalkulus Whitepaper https://t.co/YdcijTxXPO

The document is timestamped at https://t.co/cnmgHoFpUT through our #ProofofExistence https://proof.kalkul.us service over the $KLKS Blockchain.


Kalkulus Trailer

What is KLKS?

KLKS is a POS (Proof of Stake) cryptocurrency, meaning that the validation of the new blockchain blocks is guaranteed by the coins existing in the wallets connected to the internet and enabled for staking.

The development team is constantly engaged in designing and implementing innovative proprietary solutions based on its own blockchain.

The latest main innovative solution, released in July, is web tools portal TheHub, consisting of an array of different functions, including an online wallet and Masternode deployment service.

It allows anyone around the world to carry out instant transactions using their own cryptocurrency, whose symbol is “KLKS”. Moreover,
it aims at offering solutions grounded in the blockchain, such as an official marketplace and the implementation of smart contracts.

Nevertheless, this business-oriented approach should not neglect the user community, which the team considers one of the milestones of the entire project, as well as an example to follow to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies and tools built from blockchains.

Here is Twitter tweet for this post.

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