Elrond Gift Card

Elrond Gift Card

Now there is a simple way to gift someone $EGLD in the form of a paper Gift Card! You can find everything on the website πŸ‘‰ https://elrond.lt/giftcard

An olden but classy way to introduce someone into the #crypto world!

It only takes a few simple steps to create an Elrond Gift Card.


We made it as simple a possible to create a gift card.

1. Generate a wallet on Elrond.com.
2. Fund the wallet with eGold (EGLD).
3. Download our PDF Gift Card template and fill in the private keys.

4. Print it on A4-sized paper.
5. Fold it. Put it into an envelope. Gift it.


You received an Elrond Gift Card. What is next?

1. Locate the private keys on the Gift Card (find the 24 words).
2. ​To access your wallet go to:  wallet.elrond.com/recover.
3. Complete all the steps. Open your wallet and return to the website.

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