Beat most profitable token to mine June-July 2018

Today I will present you BEAT. Probably one of the most profitable token to mine in June-July 2018.

Beat most profitable token to mine June-July 2018

Beat most profitable

I am saying probably just because there is an ongoing Beat ICO. The final token price is 0,019€ or 0.022$ and this token is quite easy to mine. So I will give you guys a short tutorial how to start. I am earning around 0.7–0.8 tokens per minute. So it comes to 48 tokens (1.056$) per hour. 1152 token (25.34$) per day. And around 34560 tokens (760.32$) per month. So as you can see it is quite profitable. And it is realy one of the most profitable tokens to mine. So don’t waste your time mining other coins and register your account and start mining! 🌕🚀🤑

Register an account

  1. First you must got an register your account. Important! You must use my refferal link, because this will get a part of my hashing power.beat-miner-bonus-hashrate
  2. When you have finished creating an account go to or just simply use this download link. Important! Most of the browser block the download. To download it use Microsoft Edge browser. If that will not work try good old Internet Explorer.
  3. On the third you simply install the miner on to your computer or mining rig. And start it up. It will work for a few minutes to get your hashrate. And will start mining.
  4. You will get the tokens to your ERC20 wallet when the ICO finishes on 2018-07-15. So you must have an ERC20 wallet like MyEtherWallet.
  5. Also you must have a Graphics card with 3GB Video Ram. Shared memory does not count. Do not mine with laptops unless you really know what you are doing.

Video Tutorial – How to Mine Bea token

Beat account

You can monitor all the progress of your beat using your Beat account. Just go your dashboard. All the refferal tasks are also there.

You can also earn additional free Beat tokens doing some refferal tasks:

  • Get 50 BEATs – TelegramTelegram Group Share
  • Get 50 BEATs – FB Group Share
  • Get 25 BEATs – Facebook Share
  • Get 25 BEATs – Twitter Share

beat token get free beats


About the mining

Using the Beat miner you are actualy will be mining Ethereum for Beat ICO. So in a way you will trade your mining power for the Beat tokens. It is using the Ethminer.exe for the mining. So you can download the official Ethminer miner here. If you want and replace the one provided by the Beat team if you are really paranoid. Never really tried myself, but some of you maybe want to experiment with beta versions of Ethminer.

beat miner system process

Beat mining logs

For some reason the Beat mining logs are really hard to find. Beat mining logs are located in this directory:

C:\Users\All\AppData\Local\MySports GmbH\BeatMiner\

Using GTX 1070 Ti cards I am getting around 78-82 Mh/s.

Speed  78.04 Mh/s    gpu/0 14.24  gpu/1 14.99  gpu/2 24.19  gpu/3 24.62  [A4+0:R0+0:F0] Time: 00:06

Profatibility and Exchange

Of course since the Beat ico is still ongoing and there is on exchange yet the price of the token might drop when it will the exchange, but I am quessing the price will be still qood.. The Beat team promised that it will the exchange on the end of ICO. For now there is a going vote for BitMart! So if you are planing on mining BEAT token go vote for BEAT to be listed on BitMart exchange!

You can also win 100 BMX tokens if you are lucky. There is an active Twitter contest.


BEAT ICO – About the project

The Beat Token is a utility which gives the owner access to a certain amount of services regarding health and activity data based on the BEAT Blockchain. We also expect it to be used as voucher within our sports ecosystem, giving you access to goods and services as well as to be listed on secondary token exchanges.

You can read the short version on the Beat One Pager.

Token Sale

  • Sale 13/03 – 15/07/2018
  • 1 Token sold at 0.011 EUR
  • Price increase for 1 Token +0.001 EUR per week
  • Final price for 1 Token 0.019 EUR
  • Tokens created 5,000,000,000
  • Tokens for Sale 3,500,000,000

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