How to compile any crypto wallet on windows

This post is written for someone who is not a coin developer or comfortable in a
linux environment to show you how to prepare your windows computer to be able to
compile ‘almost’ any coin wallet yourself.

Compile any crypto wallet

If you follow the directions you should be able to compile windows qt wallets from source on a windows computer in about
7 minutes or less after you prepare your system the first time. Before we get to the details and instructions a few things you should know first.

This guide is broken into 4 parts. Preparing the build system. Compiling a basic wallet.
Extra features to compile wallets and Possible errors and how to correct them.

1) I did not invent this process. I learned many things from many people including
Shak3zulas original coin making guide and a person known only as Nitrogenetics.

2) These instructions are just a basic guide and should work well on versions of
windows 8 and windows 7 although with 7 you may have trouble in secion 3 (extras).

3) When someone launches a coin without wallet you can make your own and start mining!

4) Do be careful: Even someone with experience can read the thousands of lines of code in
a coins source and not spot a ‘payload’ or virus. Just because you compiled it yourself
does not mean you are safe from malware. Use virus scanners, websites like
and run unknown sources on separate machines or best in virtual machines for safety.

5) Don’t be discouraged if it does not work on the first try. Some people with a lot of
coding experience are unable to get this to work with directions while some other people
with no or little experience can pull it on in a few tries !

Ok since this is geared toward a novice we will be using windows only except for a few
sections described below that I have detailed exactly what commands to use so you can
copy and paste them. Set aside up to an hour of time to do this properly.

Preparing your build system

I will list all the tools first and how to install them. Depending on your internet connection
it may take a while to download some of them. If you have a 64 bit system install 64 bit versions
If 32 go with those unless stated differently. Use the most current version unless stated differently.
When installing some programs it will ask if you want to ‘add to path’ always answer yes.

1)Install 7z for windows from the homepage here

2)Install Perl for windows from the homepage

3)Install Python from the homepage here

4)Install MinGW 4.6.2 This is more difficult. Their homepage is here
What we need is the msys 4.6.2 package but the last time I used the installer the version
was 4.9. I will tell you now that I cannot get most coins to compile with 4.9 although
it is used to build the 9.x codebase of bitcoin and anything cloned from that. Almost all alt coins
are based on earlier/older codebases. So you have 3 choices. You can go to this page
and follow the directions to install 4.6.2 from source. (may be difficult/on your own here)

Choice two is to search the web for the self installing version of this program.

Choice three is to download the version you need from this mirror here:

If you went with choice three double click on it and it will install the necessary packages
for you in a few minutes. Check the option to use preloaded repository catalogs and
when it gets to the components page you can select all and next click install.
It will create a folder on your c: (root) windows drive called Mingw.

5)Install Mingw gcc. Some people use version 4.8.2 with success which is here

The page of the project is here with directions for those so inclined

Personally I have the best results and STRONGLY recommend you use version 4.6.2 of this and
get it mirrored here.

Unzip that using 7z someplace and rename the folder from mingw to mingw32 and place it inside
the mingw folder I mentioned earlier in step 4.

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