IOST Airdrop

Airdrop warning! Get white it is hot! Get your tokens today.

The Next-Generation,
Secured, Highly Scalable
Ecosystem for Services

The IOS(Internet of Services) offers a solid infrastructure for all kinds of online service providers. Its ultra-high TPS, privacy protection, scalable and secure blockchain provide infinitely many new possibilities for online service providers to serve their customer base.

You can find more here.

The Airdrop

To enter the Airdrop you only need a Ethereum address. If you don have it you can generate it here:

You have to do these 3 steps:

  1. Go to this link (yes its a referral link)
  2. Join the telegram group:
  3. Register your ref code like this: /W6c9cad3
  4. Get your reward for 68 tokens
  5. Spread your link to your friends and get a reward of 68 tokens for every friend you have referred.

You will get a similar looking form like this below:

IOST Airdrop form


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