StarCash all-out Twitter War

StarCash all-out Twitter War. These are my post.

Shut up and take my starcash


1000 STARS Rewards The battle is on! This competition is a royal rumble, to see who can create the most creative memes, and the most informed & energetic tweets, and comments about what you’re most excited about with the StarCash project.

The goal is to get more people aquainted with StarCash and what we have in the making and to spread the word throughout the social media world!

The team is going to choose the top 3, tweeters and memers to split the reward prizes!


The Twitter War requires original high-quality memes that discuss aspects of Starcash Network. Tweets may be RTs with your own comments added. All tweets MUST use $STARS cashtag.


All posted memes and tweets can be shared on individualโ€™s Twitter page as well as other’s (influencers, exchanges, group pages etc.)
REWARD PRIZES: 1st place: 500 STARS 2nd place: 300 STARS 3rd place: 200 STARS
Honorable mentions: 10 STARS
RULES & TIPS: Do NOT spam. No one likes spammy posts, please be original, informative and creative Do NOT post misinformation. If you have questions or need clarification reach out directly to admins before posting. Add a few $cashtags of other coins to posts, so that yohr post shows up in their feed. Please do NOT go overboard, a few is enough. If you get RT’d by crypto influencers, or users with large followings, and we WILL notice! :wink:

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