TF2.LT 6v9 event Pub Qualification Match Team A vs Team B – Part 2 In November 25 Team A competed with Team B for chance to play in Lithuanian TF2.LT 6v9 event. This a third map of the game cp_gravelpit part 2 of the the match.

Team A:
Scout: Udrext
Pyro: K1b3r
Demoman: Medionity
Soldier: Dou
Medic: Banned
Spy: KatuotasBatinas
Heavy: HellBeaver
Enginieer: Popiergalis
Sniper: Erebus

Team B: Scout: Pushku
Pyro: Qwn
Demoman: _Altec_
Soldier: Ekstr3m
Medic: Mciltis
Spy: Avast^
Heavy: Nex
Enginieer: TomSz91
Sniper: Shimmy

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