Get 5 Free Heroes of the Storm Heroes and a Free Stimpack

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For limited time between November 15* and January 4*.

Get five Heroes free when you play 30 games of Heroes of the Storm with a Friend before January 4. Bonus: Also includes the Oni Genji skin in Overwatch, which is available after you’ve played your first fifteen games with a friend.



Quest: Play 15 Games
• Zarya
• Oni Genji Portrait

Quest: Play 30 Games

Up your game by completing 30 Heroes of the Storm matches during the Nexus Challenge and you’ll earn a boatload of additional rewards that could turn ol’ Captain Blackheart green(er) with envy!

• Auriel
• Greymane
• Kerrigan
• Li-Ming
• Orochi Hovercycle Mount
• 30 Day Stimpack

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