Addicted: why I quit playing video games

Everyone has a daily struggle. Always trying to better them selves. Trying to become stronger. Better. More independent. My struggle is gaming. It was sort of blessing and a curse for all my life. It shaped me to the person I am today. For better or worse I keep struggling with it. Let this post be my personal diary on my gaming story. Will be updated from time to time.

2017-01-19 Games. Why I wanna quite gaming. And I did quite as 2017-01-19 it is 03:39 and could not stop until now. Done. Deleting everything. Until better times. Gaming is consuming my time and everything else. Not good can not control this. I am probably addicted. Quitting for now until I will be able to see the bigger picture.

2017-04-22 Update. More than 3 months has passed. It was a bit of struggle, but I made it. For today I decided I will give a break from this and play some game to see what it is like.

2017-05-13 Status update. I will have to reinstate total ban on my gaming life again. At first everything was fine, had a few gaming sessions and everything seemed to be working fine. But had a few really bad relapses. So I am  calling stop for today. And we will see how it works. I need to find a balance on this issue.


Here is my take on positive and negative side of gaming.


+ Fun
+ Competitive
+ Challenging
+ Exciting


– Stressful (Moba’s like HOTS)
– Time consuming
– Money wasteful (Games, Hardware)
– Girlfriend does not like games (do not get enough attention)
– Unable to socialize
– Lieing and pretending you are busy
– Can not learn anything useful
– Gets you angry when interrupted
– Can not read any books
– Loose track of time
– Can not get enough sleep

Why people play games:

1. Temporary Escape
2. Games are social activity
3. They are a challenging
4. Constant measurable growth – rewards, achievements

Bored -> Video games

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