How to rename a category in Steam?

In this short instructional article, you will learn how to rename a category on Steam in a few simple steps!

Video tutorial

Sadly you can’t really rename categories on Steam. You have to remake them… Just watch the tutorial or read the steps below.

Step by Step instructions

Here is what you have to do to rename a category.

  1. Select all the games in that particular category
  2. Right-click on any of the selected games
  3. From the list select “Set Categories…”
  4. In the new window create the new category
  5. Unselect the old cateogry it will get deleted

Another way to do this is to change the settings file. Before altering this file make sure to close and exit steam. The file is located where steam is installed, in my case it is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam

From this root it is located at:


Where <userid> corresponds to the users library you want to update. Open this file in notepad, or better yet notepad++. You then need to find and replace all examples of the category surrounded by quotes.

For example, if I wanted to rename the category Want to play to Meh I’d find on "Want to play"and replace with "Meh".

Once you’ve made all the relevant changes to the file, save it and open steam again.

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