Get Hearthstone Galaxy S6 card back & packs without Samsung Galaxy S6 (No Geny)


Currently there is the a Blizzard promotion for Galaxy S6 owners for Hearthstone. Its quite simple, play the game on the S6 and get 3x packs and a card back for free. So here is a guide, how to get the packs without a Samsung Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S6 Hearthstone Promotion

If you already own a Galaxy S6 series phone, or you’re thinking about adding one to your collection, listen up! Starting July 16, players around the world who play Hearthstone® on one of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 series phones will receive three free Classic card packs and a shiny Galaxy Gifts card back.

Players who want to pick up their Galaxy Gifts rewards just need to download the mobile version of Hearthstone to their devices from Galaxy Apps or Google Play™ and enjoy the game. Already got a Samsung Galaxy S6? If you’ve already downloaded Hearthstone, completed the tutorial, and created a Hearthstone account, then your rewards should automatically arrive after you log in for the first time after the promotion starts. If you’ve never played Hearthstone before, then you’ll receive your Galaxy Gifts card back and free card packs after you complete the tutorial and create a Hearthstone account using your Galaxy S6.

There are no regional restrictions, so you can get your Galaxy Gifts rewards anywhere, but they can only be redeemed once per account!

The guide for free packs

This is a easy version with out GenyMotion emulator. The credit for this guide goes to this guy CokaYoda.

  1. Download and install Andy the Android emulator
  2. Download, unzip and run AndyRoot 3.5 (Select “AdAway”, “BusyBox” and “Root Checker” – Then choose “Root” )
  3. Download BuildProp Editor (JRummy Apps Inc.) from Google Play
  4. Run BuildProp Editor
    1. Add(+) ro.product.brand with the value of samsung
    2. Add(+) ro.product.model with the value of SM-G920F
  5. Restart Andy the Android emulator (Make sure that the Andy icon in the taskbar is also closed)
  6. Download Hearthstone from Google Play
  7. Log in and get rewarded

Heads up: You will need to log out and log into each region in order to obtain card back and packs for those regions.

Warning. Don’t install LuckyPatcher from AndyRoot 3.5, I was informed it can get you banned from HS.

Use this tutorial at your own risk.

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