How to get Starcraft Legacy of the Void Beta or any Blizzard Beta Game

SC2 Beta legacy of the void - 20150609

This is a short article on the question of the most people minds. How to get StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void Beta? Or for that matter any Blizzard game Beta? Well today I will try to answer this question from my own experience.

Watch the video and make sure you believe me first.

How to get Starcraft Legacy of the Void Beta

So this is rather simple but of course there is no 100% chance you will get Beta fast enough. From my experience this method truly works I received Blizzard game Beta way more earlier the most of the folks I know. So this is the guide:

  1. First things first you have to Opt In for Blizzard Betas, more info for this here.
  2. Next you must own as many of Blizzard games as possible, so go buy some old Blizzard games.
  3. The more games you have and the bigger the chance on my opinion. So the earlier you get those games, and you have many of them the better the chance.
  4. Old accounts with more Blizzard games have a bigger chance.
  5. And the last one is wait till you get the Beta. Blizzard is constantly sending the out.

You probably wont get any notification I did not get any, you simply get the Beta and that is it. To check if you have it go region select and you will find it.


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