LG G3 Cracked Screen

So the follow up for the story of my dead BSOD LG G3 phone. So the story so far is that phone broke down. Since it had an extended warranty and it went for repairs to MTTC authorizes services center. They determined that the cause was a faulty motherboard, but now they are refusing to make warranty because of the cracks on the phone. So I decided to look if everyone else with the same phone has the same cracks. And oh boy there are lots of the same phone with similar cracks all around the web.

The photos of my personal LG G3.

LG G3 Phone Cracked D855 1 my own

Articles about cracked LG G3 screens and response from LG:


LG G3 pictures of cracked phones

These cracks are identical to the phone that I have.

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