TF2 Shogun Update – Genuine Pack – Gameplay video Video gameplay of the new TF2 Shogun genuine weapons and hats. The genuine versions of the items were given out to those who have received Total War: SHOGUN 2 before 15 March 2011.

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Fan O’War – A melee weapon for the Scout
The Concheror – A buff baner like item for the Soldier
Half-Zatoichi – A meele weapon that is a katana for the Soldier and the Demoman
Conniver’s Kunai – A knife for the Spy
Samur-Eye – A hat for the Demoman
Dread Knot – A hat for the Heavy Weapons Guy
Geisha Boy – A hat for the Medic
Noh Mercy – A hat for the Spy

10/03/2010 March 10, 2011 Update.

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