Pocophone F1 – Sensual Unboxing Movie

Unboxing Xiaomi Pocophone F1 in a sensual movie-like way.

It is not just big promises and polished PR. Just on the contrary – looking at its specs sheet it may have enough power to redefine the whole concept of mid-range and flagship segments. But only if this strategy keeps it going forward at least another generation or two.

Pocophone Video

Pocophone F1 Review – an excellent mid-range smartphone that delivers on performance, longevity, and quality. Disrupting competition from day one. An easy buy for anyone who places performance, longevity, and quality ahead of the aesthetics of conventional flagship phones. With a flagship-grade chipset, large battery, bright display, and capable cameras all for a tantalizingly low price, the phone is an exciting new entry to the smartphone game. But for a few niggles, it’s almost the perfect budget phone.

Pocophone blue



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