Orbox C Gameplay and Quick Review

My review for the Puzzla game Orbox C.

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I would definitely recommend this game for people seeking for a fun puzzle game with decent visuals and enjoyable music. Lots of levels.

Orbox C – mind cracking puzzle in outer space!

In 2005-2006 the browser games Orbox and Orbox B popularized specific type of puzzle. The mechanic was simple. A box slides in one direction until it stops at a block. And can only then be redirected by the player. Dozens of same mechanic games appearing every year since then. Orbox C stands out with its diversely creative level design, missions and score system. This sci-fi themed puzzle has original sounds and music, worth a listen. The mechanic idea was orignially invented by the game designer himself around 1996. He created the game a couple of times on different platforms(ZX Spectrum, ZX emulation on PC, Pascal, Qbasic) before the flash version reached the public.

Title: Orbox C

Genre: Puzzle, Logic

Platform: Steam PC (other platforms planned)

Price: 2.99$, 2.99€

Link: store.steampowered.com/app/544180

Developers: Arseniy Shklyaev, Nikolai Davydov

Website: progamix.com

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