How to defeat Hearthstone Heroic Boss Maexxna with Budget Paladin (The Arachnid Quarter)

In this video I will demonstrate the strategy on how to defeat Heroic Maexxna Boss with Paladin, using budget deck cards. You of course have to level your Paladin to get those cards.

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You will need these cards:
1. Guardian of Kings – to restore 6hp each turn
2. Any charge minion for 3 mana or less – to charge the face and deal damage.
3. Elven archers – to deal some extra damage
4. Voodoo doctors – to help with healing early and later in the game
5. You can find exact deck list in the video, if you want to make a deck like mine.

1. Kill off all her minions that have more than 1 attack or you use card to lower damage to 1.
2. You will need some luck to get the right cards make sure you have Guardian of Kings before 7 mana, because otherwise a loss is guaranteed.
3. And some extra luck for boss to spawn 1 damage units. So don’t drop this if it fails first time around.
4. Fill up your opponent board with 0 or 1 attack minions so she can play no more cards. She doesn’t have any spells and such so don’t worry.
5. Try to survive until you will have 7 mana and will be able to spawn Guardian of Kings.
6. Each turn you will take 6 or 7 dmg, if you are getting 7 dmg, use Guarding of Kings + Voodoo doctors to heal yourself.
7. Use charge creatures and your weapon to inflict damage.

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