Why you need to learn about Noia today!

What problems does the current Internet have and how NOIA Network will be fixing it?

The Internet is a huge and wonderful place with lots of different to consume, things to see, stuff to learn. But the Internet was designed and the foundation for it was built way back in the day. And no one back then had no clue how the internet will look in 2019. That is why we have lots of problems with the Internet we have today. I still remember a few years ago everyone was worried that we might run out of Internet protocol addresses for the devices, but that it is not the biggest problem we are facing today. Internet is getting overpopulated with more and more devices being added every day.

All of this is happening because of the backbone of the Internet. If we would compare it to the traffic of the cars moving around the city. This old generation design only cares for the cars to take the shortest possible route. It does not matter if the road has potholes and it is really hard to navigate them without damaging the car. It will not take into account that the road is already full of other cars and by adding more cars it will create a traffic jam.

To solve this we need to think smart. We must take into account all these different aspects to solve all the congestion of cars. To clear out all the traffic jams on the Internet we have today. And that is exactly what Noia solution is designed for. It is a smarter Internet that will take in to account all the aspects and will deliver your Internet traffic faster and more reliably.

What is the NOIA token utility?

Noia token utility is built into the idea of the programmable Internet backbone. It is in a way a premium fast internet lane for which you pay with Noia tokens. And all of it is beautiful. Because it’s a huge innovation in the way how the internet works. And Noia is digitalizing internet data transit by issuing NOIA tokens to pay for the Programmable Internet backbone. The token is used to pay for services and applications built on the Programmable Internet backbone. 

Businesses and retail users will benefit from this solution in different ways. For various businesses and different companies, all these new different opportunities will open up and will allow them to provide higher quality and more reliable services and these entities will pay for the traffic used with Noia tokens. The following service/solutions will be provided for the businesses:

  • NOIA Cache
  • SDN
  • Smart routing

For retail users or home users, there will option on how to benefit in different ways. Users will be able to run nodes on their home network and provided a service that in turn rewards users in Noia tokens. And also by spending Noia tokens users will able to get:

  • Stable connection
  • Static latency
  • Higher FPS (gaming & streaming)

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