Mad Max – How to save games / autosave explained

20150905 Mad Max Save Games how to save games

Since Mad Max is one of those games you are force to live with auto save function. In this video I will try to explain how to use the auto save function.

Force auto save

In Mad Max you can actual force it to save, just go to the pause menu (the one where the options etc are) select the autosaves option and either overwrite one you already have, or choose an empty slot. I’m not sure if it works mid mission. Not that when you boot the game up again and resume, you will always be back at the nearest fortress

Steps how to save games in Mad Max

  1. Press Escape button on keyboard
  2. Select Pause menu
  3. Then go to Autosave
  4. Select the slot you want to save
  5. Click Yes or E to confirm

Video tutorial for saving games in Mad Max

Checkpoint system

Its so-called ‘checkpoint’ saves are actually pretty smart… If you die in a stronghold while trying to take it over for example, it saves most progress you make so you don’t have to do it all again. Like if you looted a few collectibles, it saves that progress but will start you back at the stronghold entrance because you died. But you wont have to do EVERYTHING all over again, etc.

It’s not a hard reset, basically.┬áNot to mention that it saves such progress every single time you loot a collectible or complete any sort of objective, its not just every 10 minutes or something. There’ll be times where it autosaves a couple of times a minute because you’re looting a bunch of items, completing a few objectives, etc.


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