One amazing Truth about Hellboy 2019

There are a lot of negative reviews floating around about the new Hellboy movie. But this is not one of them.

Hellboy 2019 movie

Hellboy – they don’t make movies like this anymore

The truth is the movie is truly awesome. It is darker than any DC movie, lots of gore with extreme close-ups, edgy humor, lots of actions scenes, multiple goofy yet quite like like characters.

It is really a refreshing take on a Hellboy and for me, it is like it should be. He is the spawn from hell. So everything that comes with that should be included in the movie. And the movie rewards you with all that gore and then some.

The movie is truly chaotic and I think it is a good thing. The pacing is really fast and surprisingly quite easy to follow even though I have not read any Hellboy comics I did not felt like I am missing references from the movie.

Hellboy is stupid fun and it will help release all the anger build up in your system as you watch all that drama unfold. And all your problems will not be so GIANT anymore!

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