How to run Puget After Effects Benchmark

In this short article we will show the steps to run Puget After Effects Benchmark and compate Ryzen 3700X and Ryzen 2700X performance.

You can download the benchmark at:

Running the Puget benchmark

All the preparations you have to complete are quite simple. But you still have to find those settings. While a number of settings will be automatically set by the benchmark script, there are three that you will need to set manually as they cannot be scripted. These settings are:

  • Enable “Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network” in “Edit -> Preferences -> Scripts & Expressions”
  • Disable “Disk Cache” in “Edit -> Preferences -> Media & Disk Cache” (having disk cache enabled results in inconsistent results as Ae is not fully consistent on when it will write files to the cache)
  • Set Spacebar Preview to “Play Once” in the Preview Window

There are pictures on the puget website that shows were the settings are, but I believe a video is way more helpful than some pictures!


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