How to Restart Network Adapter using Batch File

In this tutorial you will learn how to restart your network adapter using a batch script file.

In just a few steps we will learn how to create a batch fail to restart you netword adapter on the fly. Just follow these steps and watch the video.

Reset network adapter the guide


    1. Open Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections and find the name of adapter you want to reset
    2. Create a new TXT file and save it as BAT file.
    3. Add the following code to the file
      • netsh interface set interface "Ethernet" DISABLED
        netsh interface set interface "Ethernet" ENABLED
    4. Make sure to set YOUR adapter name in the file.
    5. Create a shortcut to the file.
    6. Go to properties of the shortcut. Select Shortcut TAB click the button Advanced. And select Run as administrator.
    7. Test your file. If it is not working repeat the steps.

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