Why I as forced to upgrade to Evernote Premium

I was using it since 2012 why I was forced to switch to Evernote Premium today.

The wonderful world of Evernote


I was not using Evernote daily for a longest time. But in a few last years I started using it more and more. Started putting not only my notes, but even my project files. Started using it to manage my projects. Making list, saving useful information. Everything seemed wonderful… I regularly received offers to upgrade to Premium, but it always seemed the cost was way too high and I could stay using Fremium version of it.

Until one day I tried the new version of Evernote for Web and I was splitting a note as I have done thousands of times. Created a note. Cut the text from my old note. Click paste. And nothing…

All the text, all my information was gone. I tried undo, loaded Evernote on mobile phone everything got updated and deleted so fast. Lost is it.

Evernote note version history

Since I am smart I Googled for Evernote note history and yes that is a thing. I thanked the Gods of Notes. And proceeded to find my note history. But soon the disappointment struck… 

Evernote should really elaborate more why you can’t see your note history…

As you probably guessed it only for Premium members.

Note history is only available to Evernote Premium and Business users.


Evernote Premium

And you will not believe it, but the next day I received this email and then I knew it. That is it I am being manipulated and if I will not upgrade fast enough more of that weird stuff will start to happen. Notes disappearing…

Evernote – Your exclusive offer expires tomorrow

Of course I am just being paranoid here. Of course it is a coincidence Evernote people are too kind to use such strategies. But are they… 

Well if are still on topic here is my Evernote refferal link, just found that today. Click it and if you will create an account both of us will get a free month of Premium. Hurray!

Evernote Refferal

This is my Evernote refferal link

So Yes I decided that spending 36€ a year is not that much for keeping my information and notes secure from accidental erasure. So yeah, moral of the story if you are using Evernote more and more. Upgrade to Premium while you still have time before you start loosing your notes.

You can also find more information which Evernote product is right for you her?

Made a little table so my calculations are that I spend 0,004€ in an hour or around 0,10€ cents daily. That is of course for the first year, but I am hoping to get some extra offer to extend this along the way.


 €       6,99 €   36,00
Yearly €    83,88 €   36,00
Monthly €       6,99 €     3,00
Daily €       0,23 €     0,099
Hourly €       0,01 €     0,004

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