(HD) Starcraft 2 Epic Boss Battle: Kerrigan vs Zurvan. The Slaying of Zurvan –

The Ultimate duel Kerrigan vs Zurvan. Quess who wins. Brutal difficulty, Ultra Graphics settings.

Playing around with new Intro.

All the rights belongs to Blizzard Entertainment.

About Zurvan:
Zurvan was younger than the power found in the first spawning pool but older than the first Overmind. It escaped being incorporated into the Swarm hive mind by Amon and remained on Zerus when the Swarm left the planet. In time, it became a pack leader and became immense both in power and physique. By the time the Swarm and a deinfested Sarah Kerrigan returned to Zerus, it had been millennia since Zurvan’s last evolution.

On the advice of Zeratul, a protoss Dark Templar, Kerrigan sought out Zurvan to help her claim the power of primal zerg. The Swarm fed Zurvan quillgor to awaken it. The primal Brakk and its pack unsuccessfully attempted to halt the awakening.[3] Zurvan instructed Kerrigan in the ways of the primal zerg and the ancient history of the zerg. Most importantly, it directed her to use the first spawning pool to transform into a primal-based human-zerg hybrid; the new form was more powerful than the old Queen of Blades.

When Kerrigan came to Zerus, she was far less powerful than Zurvan. Once a reinfested Kerrigan killed and absorbed the essences of the other pack leaders, she became worth consuming. She expected Zurvan’s challenge, and killed and absorbed its essence as well.

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