Amazon Kindle Pdf Files Vs Mobi Epub

In this short video I will comparing how do Amazon Kindle Opens PDF Files versus Mobi and Epub files. A friend asked me to do a comparison.


This is the kindle Kindle Paperwhite 3 (2015): G090


In this short video I would like to show you the main difference between in between Kindle opening PDF files and mobi files or ePub files. So we have for example first I’ll do a normal book as you can see it opens like a book it shows all the pages and everything if you shrink it just if you like um yeah do this you get the option to choose text size yeah okay no let’s go back and here we have a PDF file okay it opens like an arm sort of image it’s it takes longer for it to like on you you don’t select the size it’s only a major image so you’re only able to pinch in and you’re still can read it and everything but it well it’s not have fun it’s just still the original size so it’s it’s quite small so as you can see for example um it’s still possible to read quite well I mean it’s not that bad I mean if you can’t if you can’t see it where how to like zoom this yeah it’s not that good okay let’s go back to a normal book for comparison so and this book simply you can change the size of a text and it will come automatically resizes so you can swipe the page is easier than read make it this as big as you want so it’s way more easier to do read but we still can read PDFs so that’s it are a comparison between how PD PDF and mobi files work on Amazon Kindle this is a paper white version so thanks for watching and like this video or please subscribe.

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