Shadow of Mordor – How To Perform a Ledge Kill


So this is my short tutorial how to perform a ledge kill in the Shadow of Mordor.

For some reason its sometimes hard to understand what they say you to do. Hang below and make a ledge kill. As in all the game tutorials some additional explanation sometimes is required. Shadow of Mordor is no exception.

I spend 15 minutes or even more wondering, what I was doing wrong. Actually I was just misreading the text, my initial idea was that I have to stand on the ledge and then grab the guy and the kill him somehow.

How to perform a ledge kill

  1. First you have to hang on the ledge, be below the enemy.
  2. Then you have to hold Shift (to select the enemy you want to kill) and press G while holding shift. This will attract the enemy to your position.
  3. When the glowing of the enemy will turn red you will have to click first mouse button to execute the enemy
  4. That is it. Your performed your first ledge kill in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

So watch this video how kill an Urak with a ledge kill.


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