Shadow Of Mordor – How To Defeat a Horde of Orcs FAST and EASY way


In this video I will demonstrate how to defeat a horde of orcs really easy. All you need is to brutalise the guys, its easy and effective.

To unlock Brutalize skill you need to unlock Tier 2. Thats the main thing you need. Sadly when I was filming this I forgot to mention I had additional rune on my blade that makes this that extremely effective.

Without this rune it will work but not that effectively, some orcs might get scared others may not. The rune I was using is this one: Orc Hunter (Epic) – Brutalize stealth kill cause additional terror.

If you dont have that rune, there are plenty of others that give similar effect. Just get one that causes additional terror for orcs of Shadow Of Mordor.

How To Defeat a Horde oF Orcs

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