Hearthstone – Defeating Heroic Sapphiron


In this video of Hearthstone I finally defeath the Boss. The Heroic Sapphiron. He is one of the most difficult bosses in the game. So be ready for a tuff fight. But with the right deck it will get easier.

First things first, below you will find picture of my Hearthstone deck I have used to defeat Heroic Sapphiron. Secondly there are some tips what I have learnt by playing 7 times against this boss.

So here is the list:

  1. Always try to remove the minions from the table first. Dont attack the face if Sapphiron still has some minions left.
  2. Use your spell to your advantage, try to remove minions in the most efficient way possible.
  3. You can even let the minion attack if it will let you get a better combo.
  4. And the last ingredient is luck. You will probably will not get it first time. But it might help.

Starting Hand

  • Bluegill Warrior
  • Arcane Shot
  • Wolfrider
  • Freezing Trap


Kill everything and deal damage till the boss drops dead.

Key Cards:

Explosive Trap – Use to take out Faerie Dragon, Loot Hoarder or use it to finish of the other minnions. Hunter’s Mark makes it event a better combo to remove big minnions.
Multishot – Use for Skeletal Smith/ Shade of Naxxramas
Bluegill Warrior – Use for Faerie Dragon or to finish off
Wolfrider – For Skeletal Smith/ Shade of Naxxramas
Antique Healbot – To keep you alive if you feel like you need it, get 2x of them.
Eaglehorn Bow – Use it to deal as much damage as possible keep it alive with secret, but beware of Skeletal Smith, because he can destroy your weapon.
Deadly shot – save this Necroknight or Spectral knight
Necroknight – wait till this minion is surounded by other minion only then kill him. Use Wolfrider  + Kill Command.

The Hearthstone deck is based on this deck with a few slight modifications.

[youtube id=”rCC1bvNDMU4″ width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]


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