Restored Lithuania turns 100 ! February 16th!

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With its statehood dating back to over one thousand years, in 2018, Lithuania will celebrate the centenary of the restoration of its independence. Though it is but a fraction of our history, it is of particular significance.  The Act of Independence signed in 1918 is enormous achievement by the people determined to take responsibility for their country’s future in their hands.

Thanks to them today we can feel free and be free, sharing our achievements with the world. Today Lithuania is a country of open, creative and responsible people.

For centuries, we have been inspired by the future, so as we celebrate the centenary of the modern state, we are full of motivation to continue strengthening the foundations of the statehood, enhance the social and civic responsibility, encourage voluntary activities, and promote the image of the modern and creative state. Therefore, all the festivities will be dedicated to the people, their ideas and dreams. – Buy cheap Steam games here that is a place where I buy all my games 🙂 You can even sell you spare games here.

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