Elrond Community Content Wave #3

In this post, I will be sharing all my creations for Elrond Community platform. All this content is from Wave #3. Join me in Elrond Community Platform and earn some sweet #ERD!


Elrond Mobile Wallpaper

Sharing my simple Elrond wallpaper titled: long road ahead.


Elrond Poster #1

I made a poster for Elrond. This one is using the images and colors from the www.elrond.com website. Here you can download HQ version.


Elrond block division

A short weirdly animated GIF showing of #Elrond Secure Proof of Stake technology.


Cryptobubbles.io wallpaper

In the previous two days, I made a couple of short animated videos for www.cryptobubbles.io so today I decided to make a wallpaper for those little bubbles. Enjoy! If there will be any request I can make a mobile version or even put your name on it! 🙂

Cryptobubbles desktop wallpaper


Trailer for Cryptobubbles.io

Made this short and sweet trailer/music clip for www.cryptobubbles.io.


Elrond Crypto Bubbles #NationalVideoGamesDay

To celebrate #NationalVideoGamesDay I created a short GIF with animated gameplay of www.cryptobubbles.io. This all started the 3-day crypto bubble content marathon.


Elrond Blueprint Music Video

Using the assets from yesterday Elrond Blueprint wallpaper I decided that it would be really awesome to make a short Youtube video. Check it out below.


Elrond Blueprint Wallpaper

Got inspired and this blueprint wallpaper for Elrond was born. Some of the elements from the original Elrond logo are used as the main element in this wallpaper!

And a full-size screen option is available also.



Can you say ERD

A short looping gif with music that is a part of the video I am making about Elrond.


Raspberry Pi Elrond Wallpaper

A really hi-tech looking recreation of Erlond logo made from Raspberry 4 boards. Made into a wallpaper! Looking freaking awesome!

Raspberry Pi Elrond Wallpaper
Raspberry Pi Elrond desktop wallpaper
Raspberry Pi Elrond mobile wallpaper


Hidden Erlond Content article

Posted an article on Medium. Hiden content in Elrond Community platform.


Spinning Erlond Intro

Another one! Different, spinning animated logo intro for Elrond.


Elrond Wallpaper set

This time I got the inspiration from Elrond official graphics representing adaptive state sharding.

Erlond Community - Desktop - 4K resolution
Desktop – 4K resolution
Elrond community mobile wallpaper - 2436x1125 resolution.
Elrond mobile wallpaper – 2436×1125 resolution.


Elrond Crypto Bubble video #2

A short Crypto Bubbles game combined with a cool video intro for Elrond!


Elrond bouncy logo intro

A funny bouncy logo intro for Elrond. I am testing out new techniques in Adobe After Effects! And it is amazing and fun!


Elrond Comics

I borrowed a comic from Pablo Stanley and remade with a comic about setting up and Elrond node.


Funky Erlond logo intro

The first logo entry in this logo entries series for Elrond this month. I hope this will not get boring for my followers!


Elrond Transaction City – Music Video

My first animated video with moving background in three different lanes! Was quite some work to put everything together. It could be done a little better, but I really like how it all came together!


Winner collage for crypto bubble tournament

Earned my 28th spot in Elrond Community http://cryptobubbles.io tournament. And as a celebration made an image for my Tweet!


Erlond night background

The first background I have made for an Elrond. Not the best, but it has some certain charm for it.


Elrond transactions swimming home

This one was a really lazy first attempt at making content for the third wave of Elrond Community Platform content! A weird-looking Elrond logo floating thingy…

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