If you clicked the link you might be interested. So I will keep it simple. Elrond is offering a social mining platform. You get a reward if you support Elrond on social media or you create some useful and engaging content. Or help out in another way you are able.

Join: http://bit.ly/my-elrond

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In this third wave, Elrond is offering a share of 7.500.000 ERD. I got a reward in the second wave and making my way to earn in the third wave. After this one there will the next one. So do not wait and start learning about the Elrond project today.

About Elrond

The two problems that Elrond tries to solve from the get-go are an increase in throughput — achievable through sharding and decrease in energy expenditure — achievable through moving from a proof-of-work based consensus to a proof-of-stake consensus. Each of these two prongs requires different aspects to be taken into consideration when designing the architecture and components around it.

The PoS aspect needs working around all (most?) common issues in PoS systems — thus incentivizing rational behavior. The sharding aspect needs mechanisms to reach agreements inside each smaller part of the network (shard) as well as agreement between participants in a transaction that spans more shards. And all these need to also take into consideration the potential Byzantine (adversarial) behavior.

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